1500 tonnes of grass fodder harvested

The amount of grass fodder harvested and stacked last weekend was around 1500 tonnes (about 1400 MWh), enough to produce the annual energy needs of about 80 large detached houses. In addition, work on the formwork and reinforcement of the reactors and slurry tanks has continued over the past week. Eight metre high Concrete wall structures high have been uncovered under the moulds of the community reactor.

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The amount of grass fodder harvested and stacked last weekend was around 1500 tonnes.
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Pielinen Bio overview and brief history

Preparations for the project started already in December 2020, when Pielisen Bio Oy was established. The first step was to obtain a legally binding environmental permit for the project. In addition, the comparison of different equipment supplies and studies related to the financing of the project took time. The building permit for the project was granted about a year ago, at the end of August 2022. The civil engineering works on the site started in March 2023 and all the main construction contracts and building contractors’ agreements were signed on 16 March 2023.

The investment in the Pielinen Bio biogas plant is currently progressing with the earthworks and the construction of the concrete structures for the reactors and sludge tanks. As regards the earthworks, work is ongoing on the finishing of the structural layers of the grassland and the asphalting works. By the end of August, around 1000 tonnes of grass cuttings are to be harvested and made ready for the commissioning of the plant.

As regards the concrete structures, the on-site casting work continues for two reactors and one slurry tank. These works will be completed during August. One sludge tank is prefabricated and will also be completed during August. After August, the concrete structures of the technical room and the feed building will be built, after which the equipment installation work will start.

At present, around 12 people are working on the site. Completion of the plant has been moved to spring 2024, partly due to delays in the delivery schedules of critical plant components and partly due to the later start date of the on-site casting works.

Lieksa 17.8.2023

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